Amazing Japanese Giveaway By Rainbowholic


I’m here to ask something from you.

So, do you like Pocky?? or Ghana?? or Meiji chocolates??

Yes?? Then, listen to me and click here.

Trust me, you will see your dreams!!


Those incredible delicious sweets, will be yours if you enter.

And why woudn’t you??

Oh, I see…

You’re just not satisfied…

Kaila can fill that gap too!!

I don’t want to tell you, but Kaila have an extra gift, and it is…

Yes, you’re not dreaming.

Kaila give away a BigBang T-shirt too.

I know your mouth is wide open, so please close it before something flies in~

So, Kaila will make your dreams come true, if you’re enter, so hurry, before the contest ends.

You has a chance to win!!

Sunday May 29, 2011
3 years ago

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